Poetry Challenge 2

Inspired  by a story on NPR today.  A verb and a noun.  Not neccesarily in this order.  What else comes to mind?

Falling violin


Here’s my draft:


Forty-Four Below

The air lies still
in the valleys, heavy,
thick with frozen fog:
our driving, our heat, our
breath all condensed-
even walking sinks us
deeper into the darkness,
but, today in half light
one willow leaf, hanging
like a comma where branches
diagram the morning,
vibrates, a slight movement
of air, the faint high note
–a violin-where one branch
rubs another.

“Mostly clear. Dense fog
in valleys” the weather
report projects. “Light
wind” three days away,
“Warming to freezing.”

We have fallen into discord
like a dropped violin.

Now the wind chime
moves, one note sounds.
Across the valley silhouettes
of mountains blur into cloud.


Post your poem as a comment and I’ll respond.

2 Responses to “Poetry Challenge 2”

  1. novelique Says:

    lovely imagery and really evocative tone. i especially like the 2nd half of the 1st stanza beginning “but, today in half light,”.

  2. mattiespillow Says:

    Thanks, Novelique! I’d love to see others’ responses to these prompts, too. I’ve set this up as a way to prompt my own writing. I started doing this last year when I realized that I wrote the most when I was giving my students prompts and writing along with them.

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