Poetry Challenge 41

Thinking about the public act of writing–publishing, reading aloud, blogging, handing a poem to a friend.  Today, I was lucky enough to attend a panel where one of my favorite bloggers, AKMuckraker of Mudflats, was speaking.  At one point, she talked about the first time she realized that her writing, her blog entries, had hit a nerve–and how that changed her approach to writing and, ultimately, her life.

Many writers I know hesitate to publish–or find the process painful or complicated.  I procrastinate–it’s too much trouble to buy all those stamps and walk in the front door of the post office and send things off or even to hit “send” on the computer.  But when someone reads or hears something I write–you, right now, for instance–it feels like the impulse that led me to write in the first place has come full circle and is fulfilled by landing in the reader’s mind and by the thoughts it sparks there.

So, write about something you hesitated to communicate.  What stopped you?  What egged you on?  What was the sky like that day?

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