Poetry Challenge 47

Birdbrain Love

All this week, a pair of robins, who I’m calling Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock, have been flying against the window of our computer room, over and over.  The male robin perches on the railing of the stair landing to our back door, eyes the window, then flutters up to a certain spot on the glass, thumps it, then flutters back to the railing.  From there, he eyes the glass again, as if certain he can figure this out and succeed at whatever birdbrained scheme he’s up to.  Then he does it again.  Mrs. Hitchcock watches from the willow nearby, patient with his foolishness.  We think this behavior may have something to do with the nest they’re building out of last year’s fireweed and hay up on the butt of a roof beam above the window; perhaps he’s defending the nest from his own reflection in the window as he flies up to the beam.  Or not.

But it’s spring–after many false starts.  The hills are greening up as the birch and willow buds open; there’s a mist of green moving across the tree tops.

So, write about the foolishness spring brings, or love, or birds.  Post it as a comment and I’ll add the poems to this post.

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One Response to “Poetry Challenge 47”

  1. Brett Lovins Says:

    Spring… yes indeed. Robins, swallows, hummingbirds are all showing up here in Pagosa Springs. Horses are getting less fuzzy… I love it.

    Brett Lovins
    Parelli Central

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