Poetry Challenge 78

Being Mrs. Patmore

Over the holidays, I’ve found myself in the kitchen most days, cooking or cleaning up after a previous feast. It’s been good to feel the rhythms of cooking and cleaning, of preparing and serving food to friends and family, of being at the center of such a basic pleasure as cookies, pies, marmalade, a grand meal, or a simple curry. I mentioned to someone who hasn’t seen Downton Abbey that I felt like I was channeling Mrs. Patmore–that consummate professional cook–and they said, “Who?”

So, I’ve been reflecting on simple acts that create order in our lives, such as cooking, and how the act of cooking creates community, stability, and a deep sense of pleasure in life. In reflecting on my obsession with Downton, I think that the meals eaten (by all characters) are a unifying theme. Life can be good, Downton suggests, if we share simple pleasures, made with artistry and pride, and eaten with love and respect. More on this in a longer post.

For now, write about something you do that requires skill, that brings pleasure in the doing, and that you share with others. Be sure to include the sense of taste. Post this as a comment and I’ll add it to this post.

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4 Responses to “Poetry Challenge 78”

  1. Dave Says:

    Sorry for this off-topic comment but you did bring it up. We are watching Downton over here too. Fun series. Nut can barely understand the British accented dialog but she likes it just the same. Did you see the Christmas Special? Third season is just beginning too….

  2. mattiespillow Says:

    We’re gathering on Sunday for the start of the third season. The fact that Nut likes it, too, tells me that there’s some universal appeal–i’m hoping to write more about my thoughts on this.

    Happy New Year to you, Dave!

  3. erinhiser Says:

    Glad you’ve returned. Been reading all along so it was past time for me to follow… And now have pledged to myself some writing practice using all of your prompts. Still sitting in this one. Hopefully soon. Love love.

  4. mattiespillow Says:

    Good to hear this. I look forward to reading some of your “prompted” writing. Guess I’d better write some more!

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