Writing into the Light (1/11/09)

Sunday, Jan. 11, Chena Ridge Friends Meeting Adult Education program:

 “Writing into the Light:  Poetry in Mid-Winter,”   invites members and attenders of Meeting to join in an exploration of the place where silence and language intersect through poetry.  I will share her own poems, invention process, and how writing links to the Light within.  Most of the hour or so I will provide a frame for those attending to practice the process of allowing words to rise from silence to the page, always allowing what arises to surprise us.

2 Responses to “Writing into the Light (1/11/09)”

  1. Karen Douglass Says:

    I wish people would put locations into the info. With the extent of the web I don’t know if you are in Kansas or Kalamazoo!

  2. mattiespillow Says:

    Hi, Karen. I’m in Fairbanks, AK.

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