April 2, 2009

Bending Flatness

The dancer moves.
The floor-a black plane.
The mirror
gathers her light
in one flat image, but she sees
only that her body veers
from straight:
the arch of her back,
the soft rounding
of her elbow.

Outside, birds scatter,
dip in the air, rise on a draft,
spinning, looping. She bends,
scoops the light in her hands,
straightens. Her toes press
the floor. She rises,
spins, leaps,
weightless as birds,
lifts in the silver

The birds go silent.
Their eyes tilt
toward her, dart
away. Then the floor
beneath her feet.

One Response to “April 2, 2009”

  1. Glow Says:

    When is your book coming out????? I can’t wait. We must par-tay when it arrives in print. I have so enjoyed your work this winter.

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