January 14, 2009

Cats Are Challenge Number 1

The cat resists winter.
She pats my nose as I sleep;
the tip of her claw,
still sharp where it curls
between her toe pads,
cuts my skin. I wake.
Silver light fills the room.
The cat sits at the window,
a pitcher of skim-milk
light, watching the moon
cast shadows across the snow.

In daylight, sleep overpowers
her. She finds a box under my desk
labeled, “Notes, 1992. Keep.”
and curls up, warmed
by baseboard heat. Sometimes,
her eyes glow at me when I pass.
When she steps down,
she is hungry, vibrating,
wanting the moon again.

From We Tempt Our Luck, forthcoming from Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press.

2 Responses to “January 14, 2009”

  1. glow Says:

    Who is the author of this delectable poem? “Wanting the moon again” gave me chill bumps!

  2. mattiespillow Says:

    Unattributed poems are mine. This one is from a chapbook: We Tempt Our Luck, a finalist in the Astounding Beauty Ruffian Press chapbook contest in 2008–to brag a bit.

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