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The View from Mattie’s Pillow

July 28, 2009

ASRA is in week 2 and the kids are writing along.  Here’s a poem that I wrote in response to a journal prompt the other day:

Farm Stand, Snow Hill

I can see the top of the plank

that holds cantaloupe, slices of watermelon,

tightly wrapped corn–the green seersucker

husks, the ragged brown tassel–every

splinter jagged through white paint,

every fly walking squat-legged,

tapping its tongue on sweetness.

My grandfather’s hand rests on my head

as he talks.  The man with the fruit

looks down at me from shimmering

air.  They laugh.  I feel the heat

on parts of my hair that stick

out from his shading


“There,” the man says,

“she’ll like this.”

He hands down a white paper

dish.  In it, golden, glistening

the perfect hexagons

of wax pressing against each

other, ragged at the edges,

honey so sweet I cough

on sweetness, then chew

and chew and chew.

Poetry Challenge 26

July 20, 2009

Kids Writing

Today is the first day of the Alaska Summer Research Academy, which started as a science camp for grades 7-11 and has now expanded into the arts. My friend Terry and I will be doing the Creative Writing module—this will be my third summer working with the Academy.

So, here’s our introductory prompt—which I learned from Derick Burleson: Write four lies and one true thing. We’ll be making a group poem of lies, etc. For you, however, find a way to weave the lies into the poem so that they reveal something about the true thing. Be sure you write the lies first—and put them aside for a while so that they surprise you when you encounter them again to finish this prompt.

Post your poem as a comment and I’ll add them to this post—and maybe some of the campers’ responses.

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