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Poetry Challenge 14

April 6, 2009

Defy Gravity

Inspired by the ballet. Write about gravity and what defies it–birds, the wind, climbing plants, a dancer. These things lift our spirits, but don’t say that in the poem. Let the object, gesture, scene do the lifting.


Here’s my response, though it took me in a different direction–a different kind of gravity:

You, Walking

Birches stir
the restless air;
you walking
away, dog at your heels.

Your coat
drapes your shoulders
billows slightly
gray as spring clouds.

I pause, watching
in the car mirror–
your slow steps
over packed spring snow.

The sorrows of others
hang on you, but
imagination is vast,
cris-crossed with dreams
full of flying, of horses running,
of tomatoes, sweet
and warm on the palm.

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